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About Us

We are Hanah and Moti Sender and we are Israeli farmers with more than forty years of experience.
We started our agricultural work in 1978 in Gush Katif, and since then we have not abandoned or left the agriculture planted in us.
About two years ago, we decided to take all the knowledge, experience and value we had accumulated along our long journey - and focus it on planting, growing and improving the wonderful moringa plant!
We can attest to ourselves that we live and breathe whatever is happening in our forests.

We start our morning with good morning rounds in all the forest areas, go through and ask how the trees are and greet them with a great morning blessing.
The visits and rounds continue throughout the day and there is a good relationship between the trees and the growers. We strive to repair and improve with the growing environment of the trees; In order to prevent flooding in the cold winter days, and to ventilate the tree trunks on hot days.

The most natural process a moringa plant can have!
We are engaged in and manage the picking of leaves from the moringa trees in all areas. After velveting, we raise the leaves to dry on drying tables in a shaded indoor greenhouse.
We never dry in ovens and industry.
We grind the dried leaves into moringa powder that contains 100% moringa without any additives. That's how we sell it. We are among the only ones in the country who operate in these natural ways.
Our moringa is unique and the growing number of buyers in Israel and around the world will testify to that!

The head with the vision keeps on working, and we are always looking to do more amazing things with this wonderful plant. The first thing we did while preparing the ground for sowing the moringa; Was to designate two structures in the forests for picking and producing oil from the moringa seeds, out of three structures in which we grow the moringa, and one structure in which the sowing was done at high density - so it is also used for reusable moringa leaves and a great and unique attraction for our forests - the Great Moringa Maze !

The Moringa Maze is designed to host groups of students, youth and soldier groups, groups of workers' committees and retirees who want to get out of the daily industry routine.
We invite you to come to us, and connect with nature - to the green lung in the Moringa forests.

Real cosmetics - directly from nature.
In addition to all the fresh and natural products, the issue of Moringa-based cosmetics has burned in our hearts. Lots of research work and questions and doubts, lots and lots of assistance from Dashmia and Faith and Confidence Ltd. and we were contacted by a wonderful woman, who is engaged daily in the production of cosmetics and product development.

We recently came out with the Moringa Forest line of cosmetics. Our product series currently contains 17 new cosmetics, natural and green, including oils, creams, soaps and many more!

The products have been dermatologically tested and delivered for use to leading cosmetics people.
Moringa Forest cosmetics are rich in vitamins and minerals present in Moringa products and do not lose their presence in our cosmetics.

Our moringa is grown and produced here in the lands of Moshav Ganei Tal, on the purity of "Made in Israel - Blue and White".
We, Hannah and Moti - the growers, the harvesters, the dryers… and we work together throughout the production process.

A real "blue and white" product, without sprays or pesticides, and with a lot of great love for the field, moringa and the possibility to allow people to enjoy this fine plant!

Welcome to Moringa Forests!