How To Grow Moringa Seeds

There are many ways to plant Moringa Oleifera seeds. Some Moringa growers soak the seeds for a few days, some plant them in pots, and some sow them directly into the ground. Our best results have come from starting them in small pots, in loose, organic potting soil that has some coconut coir mixed in with it, but they sprout well in many soils.

The recommended sowing of the Moringa seeds is in spring. The moringa tree sheds its leaves when its environment is no longer warm, therefore it goes into winter hibernation and returns to bloom in the spring. The sprouting trees grow at a fairly fast rate, and it is recommended to prune it for the first time when the tree has exceeded the height of 1 meter. At a height of approximately 80 cm, it is possible and even recommended to split the tree and shape its trunk.


  • Plant them about 3/4 to 1 inch deep, and tamp the soil down on top of them loosely.
  • They do not like compacted soil.
  • Water them thoroughly, put them in a warm place with as much light as possible, and wait. You can give them a little water every day until they sprout - then, every other day, water until the soil on top is moist. Too much water - they will drown!
  • Once they are about 8 inches tall, we plant them right into the ground or transfer them into larger pots.