Moringa Forests Production Process

How we produce our products

Hi! I'm Moti Sender, and I am the owner of Moringa Forests. I work in agriculture for more than 40 years, and in the recent years, I started to grow the wonderful Moringa Trees in my lands. At Moringa Forests, we only produce 100% natural products, and our main goal is to spread the word about this amazing plant. When you are buying a Moringa Forests' product, you buy directly from the farmer who grows the trees (That is me), and you are supporting a small family business.

All of the Moringa products we sell are made from the Moringa trees we organically grow in our lands in Ganei Tal, Israel. We manage the picking of leaves from the Moringa trees in all areas. After harvesting, we spread the leaves to dry on drying tables in a shaded indoor greenhouse. We never dry in ovens and industrial machinery.

We grind the dried leaves into Moringa powder that contains 100% Moringa without any additives. That's how we sell it. We are among the only ones in the world who operate in these natural ways.

We also produce the 100% pure oil that we use in out cosmetics ourselves in our farm, have a look!